DIY - Converse

Want a little extra sparkle with every step? The easiest ways to spice up any pair of sneakers involve nothing but creativity. Here we have a simple DIY to add some shine.

This DIY can be completed with just a few supplies; your boring pair of sneakers (preferably converse), tweezers, rhinestones (different sizes or all the same), permanent glue (Gem-Tac), a buffer, a picker (for those pesky little stones that are hard to pick up), and toothpicks. After deciding on the right shoes to jazz up, choose the color scheme for your rhinestones. Once both of these decisions have been made you’re ready to begin.

Set up a large enough space that you can spread out your supplies and start with your first shoe. The first step is to take your buffer and scratch up the area you will be adding stones to. A dull and rough area is key to avoid stones from falling off. Toothpicks are a major necessity for this project to be done neatly. Taking a toothpick, dab the end of it in your permanent glue. Around the rim of the shoe drag the glue end of the toothpick so you end up with a small line on the edge. Now comes the precise part, using your tweezers pick up one rhinestone and carefully place it on the line of glue you just created. Continue placing the rhinestones on the line until none of the glue is showing. You can use different size rhinestones to make a cooler and more intricate effect. Those tiny stones can be difficult to pick up with tweezers so if they give you trouble just use your picker to place them on your shoe. Repeat the toothpick and glue steps until your entire edge is filled all around with stones.    

Easy enough the same process continues on the inside part of the edges you have already glued on. Carefully align the rhinestones along the previous set. You can do two layers to add an outline of shine or keep going with as many as you want towards the center. The more shine the better!

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